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I was recently contacted by Miami fashion, beauty and fine art photographer Jorge Parra and asked if I would be interested in contributing to the Miami Visual Collective.

Miami Visual Collective Chris Odom

Miami Visual Collective Guest Contributor Chris Odom

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About Miami Visual Collective
Miami Visual Collective (MVC) is a group of professional image makers who produce still and motion for advertising, editorial, and fine art projects. This multi-lingual team of professionals is Miami-based with a global reach. Their work encompasses portraiture, fashion, food and beverage, action and sports, aerial, underwater, automotive, leisure, luxury and travel, studio and location, with a thorough knowledge of all production values involved in all sort of commercial projects.

MVC is about providing creative solutions, team support and cooperative spirit in order to optimize the final results of any production, of any size or complexity. The Collective performs as a powerful talent resource for the commercial art markets.

Miami Visual Collective members include: Jorge Parra, Sid Hoeltzell, Paul Morris, Matthew Pace, Jorge Cardenas, and Lucrecia Diaz.

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