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F Stoppers interview
F Stoppers interview

I recently had the chance to sit down with F Stoppers staff writer and good friend Joesph Gamble and talk about my last project. We discussed the logistics, technical approach and challenges of producing Quantum Key West Live. You can view the interview here:

Will I quit Instagram? Thoughts on the Instagram debacle.
Will I quit Instagram? Thoughts on the Instagram debacle.

The first shot rang out this morning. I happened to catch it during one of my pre-dawn reading sessions via Facebook via FStoppers via my friend Joao Carlos’ FB feed. Yeah, it’s definitely a Rube Goldberg kind of way to get my photo industry news but what better time to noodle through the social media […]

iPhone photography and photojournalism
Elliott Erwitt on display - San Juan Airport-San Juan, Puerto Rico

In preparation for an upcoming interview with my good friend Joseph Gamble about iPhone photography and how it is changing the imaging profession, I wanted to write the story behind three of my favorite iPhone photos.

Honorable Mention – 5th Annual iPhone Photography Awards
Honorable Mention - Seasons Category - 5th Annual Iphone Photography Awards

The 5th Annual iPhone Photography Awards have announced the winners. Happy to say one of my photos (shown above) received an Honorable Mention in the Seasons Category. Congratulations to all the winners and Jimmy Mazur being selected as Photographer of the Year.

Spring 12 Fashion Show Soundtrack

Track 1 Track 2

Quantum Key West 2012 preparations
Kenyon KS-6 gyro, Sony NX-70 and Red Rock Micro should mount

As with most things in life, change is an ever present force in the life of a sailing photographer. As such, one can make a decision early on to either accept this axiom as fact and be proactive or not and subject yourself to a reactive frame of mind. Me, I choose the former over […]

Anna Maria Island
sunset on Anna Maria Island
Peter Vanderkaay and Lacey Nymeyer
Peter Vanderkaay and Lacey Nymeyer

I had the chance to do some portraits with two Olympic swimmers through Arluck Promtions during their Swimming Champions Fitter Faster Tour stop in Fort Myers. The challenge of the day… make high contrast overhead, mid-day sunlight look compelling. My solution… a high key set up using grip gear.   I saw this set up […]

Artemis Racing Chairman’s Report
Artemis Racing Chairman’s Report

Artemis Racing used 5 images from Boston for their Chairman’s Report.

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